Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Business Technology

Man and woman looking at computer

As most businesses operate regardless of the size, you likely rely on some type of technology every day, and with the speed of technical progress, there are many new ways to use technology even more proficiently to improve employee productivity and overall happiness in the office. From cloud computing to managed IT services, here are some options for boosting your business through technology.

Use the Cloud

Cloud computing is considered a secure, convenient way to store and back up data on a remote server—meaning you don’t have to take up office space to store physical servers for your business backup. 

The cloud provides versatile access to important company files from anywhere, and allows you to use the cloud for hosting important tech tools for your Pasadena business, such as email services, software, and apps—again saving space since you don’t need to store the physical versions of these tools anymore. So if you’re ready to save some space and get easier access to your data, move it to the cloud.

Consider Allowing Telecommuting

Now more than ever, companies are seeing the benefits of letting employees work from home when desired. Doing so can actually save the expense of desks, ergonomic chairs, computers, and equipment needed for office space. It also allows the employees the flexibility to travel when they need to and still fill their work responsibilities.

Plus, studies have shown that with the right setup, people who work from home are more productive than those who work in the office. If you decide to let employees work from home, check out our tips on telecommuting to make it a good experience for everyone.

Train Your Team

Cell phones are a good example of how technology is becoming even more nuanced with updates for things such as navigation that can take training on how to operate and maintain security. Consider hiring a team to train your employees on how to properly use your work devices, software, and email to be more proficient and secure.

There are also courses that teach employees cybersecurity basics, such as how to detect and avoid email phishing attacks. Considering that 61% of small businesses dealt with a cyberattack in 2019, a cybersecurity course for employees is always helpful for any company! 

Outsource Your IT Needs

Finally, unless you’re extremely committed to staying on top of all the newest technology options, you’re going to run into some tech problems you don’t know how to handle.

After all, you’re busy running a business in Pasadena, which means when it comes to fixing your office printer or figuring out how to use a new software program, you don’t have a lot of time to spare. That’s where outsourcing a managed service provider for your company gives you constant access to a team that can handle all your IT problems.

With managed IT services, you’ll get help with figuring out which software your team needs, improving your cybersecurity methods, securely backing up data, making plans to expand your IT infrastructure to keep up with company growth, and more. Basically, managed IT services are meant to be proactive, not reactive, so they can stop IT problems from occurring rather than just fixing them after the fact.

Implementing any of these tips will help your Pasadena small business improve its security and productivity. If you’re ready to step up your business infrastructure by looking into managed IT services, we can help! Contact us today to learn more.