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About Us


Our mission at Tech Rockstars is to help people understand and utilize technology in the most effective way possible and foster a learning environment to develop the best leaders in our industry.

The increase in demand for managed IT services is evident. This increase has sparked our interest in alleviating the hassles and complications that come with a growing technical environment.

Since the proliferation of hardware, software, and broadband connectivity, individuals and small businesses alike, in Monrovia and beyond, have come to rely more and more on technology. This can mean more headaches if the technology is not configured to suit a person’s or organization’s needs. Our goal is to provide first-class IT services with talented technical professionals, who will provide solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget.

Tech Rockstars has become a trusted name that small businesses can rely on since 2003.


About Our Owner

Steven Price is the conductor behind Tech Rockstars, Inc. After developing an interest in computers in his youth, Steven began his journey by tinkering with any electronics he could get his hands on. Never one to settle, he would dissect technological components to understand how they operate and seek out ways of improving them. At just 10 years old, Steven had his first job maintaining the computer lab at the elementary school where his mother worked. This early exposure to technology, a dedication to providing assistance, and a passion for helping others paved the way for Tech Rockstars, Inc.

In 2003, shortly after receiving his Associate’s Degree in Computer Electronic Engineering Technology at ITT Tech in West Covina, Steven started Price Enterprises, a managed IT service which has since blossomed into Tech Rockstars, Inc.

Several challenges have presented themselves over the years. But through it all, Steve has never lost sight of his vision: The belief that every customer should have access to the best IT outsourcing solutions for the most reasonable prices, with customer service that is second to none. That is why Tech Rockstars is providing reliable managed IT services to small businesses and consumers day in and day out throughout the San Gabriel Valley, Monrovia, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your IT services.

“We take the frustration out of tech by using our proprietary systems to help you solve your technology needs so you can get the most out of your day.” – Steven Price

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