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Tech Rockstars Hosted Services

There’s no need to find room in your business or your budget to host a server when you can just use our hosting services! Hosting Services allows your small business to maintain its website or email exchange on the internet without the need to have your own servers onsite. That means that you and your clients can quickly access your online resources without delay. At Tech Rockstars, we offer hosting services for all of your business needs. You can host your website or email exchange, or even essential business programs like Quickbooks. Our prices are competitive and our service is unrivaled.

There’s no need to worry about server downtime when you host with us. We automate our cloud services using Chef Opscode, which gives you the fast and efficient infrastructure you need to thrive in today’s digital world. We offer cost-effective server hosting in Monrovia that is reliable and secure, with servers located throughout the globe.

Host your Monrovia business’s servers with Tech Rockstars, Inc. Contact us to get started today!

Email Exchange Hosting

starting at $10/mo


starting at $15/mo

as a Service

starting at $150/mo


starting at $160/mo

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