Data backup and recovery? Check.

Virus clean-out? Check.

Hardware and software repair? Check.

A rockin’ experience with the best customer service in all of Monrovia and Southern California? Check.

But don’t just take our word for it. Bring your PC or Mac into our shop and find out for yourself.

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Desktop & Hardware Diagnosis Free
Printer Diagnosis  $75
Laptop Hardware Diagnosis $35
Windows 7/Vista/XP Password Removal $40
Windows 8/10 Password Removal $55
OSX Password Removal $40
PC General Labor $75
Mac General Labor $85
Software Installation $45
General Maintenance $75
Windows Re-installation $75
Apple OS X Re-installation $85
Rootkit/Advanced Cleanout $110
Data Transfer $85
Data Recovery (Basic) $120
Data Recovery (Advanced) $200