Imagine you’re at your office in Monrovia, and you receive a strange email from the coworker who sits right next to you. You click on it thinking it is a harmless e-mail, not realizing that a virus has just been installed on your computer. Unfortunately, this sort of problem happens every day. However, with Tech Rockstars, Inc., our managed IT services can provide a program that will protect all of your business computers from spam and viruses. SecureTide™ blocks 99 percent of all problems, meaning your inbox can remain clear and free of spam and viruses. This affordable, effective, and simple solution is easy to set up and intercepts any potential threats for you.

Clean up your inbox with the following features:

  • Protection in real time
  • Easy to implement
  • No hardware or software installation required
  • 30-day quarantine retention
  • Both inbound and outbound protection
  • Daily spam reports
  • Filter permissions
  • Disaster email recovery
  • Block by country of origin
  • Bulk mail tagging

Our system is entirely compatible with Office 365, allowing you to integrate whatever features you need with ease. Protect your computers and your business by choosing to work with us. Reach out to us today to learn more and get started.