1. Beware of Scams: Rise in Scams During the Holidays

    Ahh, fall season. There is nothing quite like it! There is something in the air that beckons and entices the senses. Maybe it’s because those long summer days are dissipating. Perhaps, it’s the fact that the holidays and a new year are quickly approaching. Or maybe it’s the scent of pumpkin spice lattes or cookies in the air. In any event, it’s a gorgeous time of year. However, as the holi…Read More

  2. Huntress – Are you the Hunter, or the Hunted

    As you may be aware by now, technology and the internet itself are an ever evolving nucleus. We as humans have the option to evolve and grow with it (to understand how it works and how we can leverage it to work for us). Or, we can remain primitive, using what we feel works for us, until it stops working. The latter option leads to several complications, downtime, a loss in productivity, reputatio…Read More

  3. Gone Phishing: The Importance of Phishing Campaigns

    Salutations everybody! Today's topic is about phishing campaigns. Imagine for a moment, you work in an office and respond to e-mail and phone calls all day long. One day, you open up a message that looks to be from your administrator telling you to reset your password. Thinking nothing of it, you click on the link provided in the message and enter your new password. Seems harmless enough right? Th…Read More

  4. Network Audits: How Conducting Audits Can Save your Business

    Network audits can save businesses a lot of headache. Imagine for a moment, you own or manage a small business that provides the option to pay with credit cards; storing card numbers and payment history that go in a database. Or, you run a dental office that takes x-rays of patients that get put into a folder containing personal information. Or, imagine for a moment, you are the maker of a product…Read More

  5. Managed IT Services/MSP: Tips to Finding the Right Partnership

    Finding the right Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) can be tedious and time-consuming. Two glaring issues that arise with Managed IT Service Providers, is trust and cost. A lot of companies prefer to keep their data ‘in-house’ so as not to have to entrust their data in the hands of an external person or business. For most large companies, this is not a problem because they have the financial …Read More

  6. Why? Oh, Why is your Password, “password?”

    Salutations everyone! In a previous blog I briefly mentioned how we are creatures of habit. We prefer convenience over security. And that is partly why so many attackers are relying on us to set up poor authentication such as using a weak password. Today we are going to discuss why it is integral to have complex passwords in order to protect and preserve the integrity of our account/s. Please unde…Read More

  7. It is Technology’s World and We Are Just Living in it

    Greetings everybody! Welcome to this momentous occasion; our inaugural blog! You may be wondering - what treasure trove of information am I about to stumble upon? Or, who is this nut job blogging about technology? Or, aren’t there enough blogs out there discussing technology? All are apt questions. Yes, there are plenty of blogs discussing technology. Yes, I am a nut job. It goes with the territ…Read More