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Data Backup & Recovery

“Small businesses know they can’t afford to lose data. Yet more than half (58 percent) of them are not prepared for data loss.” – According to a report by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research firm.

According to a report conducted in 2017 by Small Business Trends, 140,000 hard drives in the US fail each week. Even more concerning is that “60% of small to medium businesses that lose their data will shut down within six months.”

Businesses in the modern age run depend on the generation and acquisition of data. It helps to influence business decisions. It makes marketing more effective and precise. Data drives all of our work today. This reliance on data, however, also means that it’s growing ever more important to maintain and secure your data. Having the right software in place to protect your data is essential. However, hardware can still fail or become corrupted; computers can be stolen or lost. You can always download the same programs on a new computer, but the original data can never be recovered. Don’t allow that to happen to your business.

To ensure that your business in Monrovia always has access to its vital data, it’s important to have a data backup and recovery service on standby. Here at Tech Rockstars, we offer our impressive data backup services as part of our managed IT solutions.

Reasons Why Your Business Might Lose its Data

Thanks to larger and larger hard drives, disk drives, thumb drives, and cloud storage, many businesses feel a false sense of security about their data. With so many places to store data, the thinking goes, how could we ever lose it? The reality is, however, that it’s easier to lose data than many realize, and even in the most innocuous of everyday tasks in the office can result in major losses of data. So what are some of these reasons your business might lose its data?

Computer literacy is expanding significantly as more and more people work with computers on an everyday basis. But being technologically literate is far different from being fluent in technology. Many employees feel that they know more about their computer and its programs than they actually do. When an issue with their computer arises, some employees might choose to try and fix or adjust their computers without the assistance of an IT service. They’ll wade through the advanced settings, and update things that really shouldn’t be touched, like the BIOS. This sort of inept IT work can lead to numerous problems, including disastrous data loss.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the famous Nigerian prince email scam of the early 2000s. But in the time since then, scams, viruses, and other cybersecurity threats have become increasingly more convincing and nuanced. Despite awareness, training, and warnings about security breaches, some employees have a rather blase appreciation for IT security rules. Some might unknowingly click on a fake email message, or click on a targeted banner ad. The result is that hackers now have an avenue into your networks and data folders.

Similarly, some employees do not practice good password habits and use weak passwords like “12345” instead of a more complex password that makes use of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. These simple passwords can be hacked and discovered through brute-force attacks that quickly allow hackers access to all of their files and data. Random password generators and management systems can prevent these digital break-ins.

If the proper security protocols aren’t followed, and employees open their company’s data up to malicious actors, hackers can use harmful programs and ransomware to hold your data hostage. In these cases, the data can only be recovered if they pay a lump sum, or ransom, to the hacker in exchange for their data. But even playing the hackers game doesn’t guarantee the safe return of your data, as some delete the data even after receiving their payment. In some cases, they may choose to sell the data to another group instead, especially if it is valuable financial or personal information.

Viruses from online or internal sources can lead to corrupted files that can inhibit your business from running efficiently. These viruses can open your network security systems up to attack from other hackers, resulting in more frequent attacks and even more lost data.

Our storage devices and solutions are growing larger every year, allowing us to store more data and larger files. But that doesn’t mean they are a perfect system. It’s not uncommon for businesses and their employees to rely on just a few storage points for all of their data. But if these storage systems fail, all of their data is lost. Hard drives and solid-state drives can fail for any number of reasons. Mechanical errors, faulty flash memory, or even data writing errors can result in a wipe of all of a hard drive’s data in an instant. Similarly, storage devices are vulnerable to power supply failures, where it cannot draw enough power and fails to boot and load. In other cases, hardware failures can be caused by physical problems. Equipment is damaged by a stray cart, a plug is pulled by an errant foot, a clumsy client dumps coffee on their computer. While in many cases this data can be recovered, the business has suffered an impact on their productivity levels, their sales, and much more.

Arguably the most common reason businesses lose their data is because they simply don’t back it up. Data backup infrastructure, including both physical and cloud-based storage, is becoming less expensive all the time, so cost isn’t the issue. Instead, many businesses don’t realize that these options are even available to them. What they don’t know is costing them whenever their data is corrupted, lost, or stolen. In many cases, data backup can be an automated process as long as the business has the systems in place to do so.

Companies can also backup their data to the wrong places. With the ability to bring data with you via a thumb drive or laptop, some employees might save valuable files in their personal devices, rather than company-owned ones. The result is that when files are backed up, those files on personal devices go missing. Limiting the amount of places employees can store files, and instead offer them company held cloud or physical storage locations ensures that your data is backed up regularly.

Preventing Data Loss

With so many ways to lose data, or have it taken from your computer network, how can you prevent your business from losing data? There are several ways to store your data, but more important than how you choose to store your data is when you choose to back it up. It is imperative that you back up your data before any data loss occurs. Realizing that your data has been lost, stolen, or corrupted can be devastating, and can dramatically affect your business. You’ll want to conduct regular data backups and routinely checking the formatting of your files, and ensuring that you have enough space to store all of your data. Regular data backups can prevent downtime in your business.

Undoubtedly, one of the most effective ways is to back up your data on a regular basis. This ensures that there is at least one copy of the most important data your business needs to keep functioning properly. Even better is if you store your data backup at an off-site location. This minimizes the risk of your data being lost as a result of physical damage or theft.

An increasingly more popular storage option is cloud storage. This is effective because it stores your data offsite, and it is accessible through the internet. When it was first introduced, cloud storage was fairly limited in size, but in recent years has dramatically expanded, rivaling and even exceeding physical storage devices in terms of storage size. Because it is stored on the internet, the concern of losing data due to a device crashing is mitigated. The benefits of using cloud storage are becoming more apparent, and more small businesses are making use of a cloud data storage solution. Cloud storage may negate the risks of physical damage and theft, there is some concern that the data can be lost in the cloud itself. Your data could also be deleted or overwritten by accident, and possibly stolen by hackers.

Backing up your data to a cloud or physical storage device is a great way to keep your data safe. But you do more than just backing up your data to keep it protected and prevent lost work time.

  • Partitioning your hard drive is the process of creating separate program and data zones. So, if the program part of your hard drive crashes, you may still be able to recover your data from the other part of the hard drive.
  • Defragmenting your disk keeps your files arranged more efficiently to help prevent data loss. At the same time, it speeds up your computer by reducing processing time.
  • Control what your employees can access. Not every employee needs access to every file and program in your business. Make sure that there are security levels and clearances to access certain data sets. Also, make sure that each level of employee is trained on how to properly use, save, and back up their data.
  • Using an anti-virus software can keep help to prevent cyber attacks and viruses from infecting your computer network. You’ll want to use the most up-to-date anti-virus software.
  • Store your computers and storage solutions in a safe, cool, and dry location. You don’t want your servers, drives, or computers being moved around regularly, and you don’t want them to overheat.

Why You Should Backup Data Regularly

No matter the size of your business, you need to be backing up your data. In the 21st century, with its reliance on online sales and digital content, data may be the most important resource your business has. Backups make sure that your data is always safe, even if you aren’t using the most advanced network security protocols. Here are some of the reasons we here at Tech Rockstars think you should regularly backup your business data:

Your Data Backup and Recovery Specialists

Tech Rockstars, Inc. offers comprehensive data backup and recovery services, taking each of your company’s files and backing them up to make sure they will never be completely lost. Whether you experience a crash or a theft, we ensure that your data is stored somewhere else where it can be easily recovered. To learn more about our software and data backup and recovery services, please reach out to us today. We have proudly been serving businesses like yours in Monrovia for 15 years, and we look forward to helping you achieve peace of mind when it comes to sensitive and essential information. Contact our team today to get started.

Your business relies on the data it collects during it’s day-to-day operations, and the amount of data you collect is always expanding. If you were to lose this data, even just a small amount of it, would your business be able to continue running? Can you afford to lose your data because you didn’t do a complete data backup regularly?

But comprehensive, and frequent, data backup and recovery services don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For less than your phone bill each month, you can rest easy knowing that your data is being backed up on a regular basis. We can even backup your data four times an hour if need be!


Delta level technology ensures reduced backup times, increased storage space, improved network traffic speeds, and lessening the strain on your servers. Never worry about doing another full data backup again.

Recover Your Data to Dissimilar Hardware and put the thought of buying a new server out of your mind. Our data backup and recovery specialists can restore all your data to dissimilar hardware, performing a bare metal restore in the process.

Virtual Server Support allows you to backup both your physical and virtual servers all using the same software.

Supreme Flexibility means that you can recover data of all sizes from any time in the past.

Full Transparency Through Reporting provided to you monthly. Our in-depth reports will provide you everything you need to know about the status of your data, and leaves you with peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up and secure.

Fully Managed System are monitored by our IT specialists, allowing them react quickly if there is even the hint of an issue.

Minimal Costs – With Tech Rockstars, you get a comprehensive, managed data backup and recovery solution for a cost that is far below what you would pay to manage it yourself.

Keep Your Mind At Ease – There’s no need to worry about the security of your data thanks to our managed IT services. All of your data is being monitored by trained data backup and recovery specialists, allowing you to concentrate on improving your business.

Limits Your Daily Operation Costs – Rather than asking you to conduct complete backups all the time, our data backup and recovery solution means that you only have to conduct a full backup at the beginning of your service. After that, we’ll only backup the file changes that occur as your business works and expands. You’ll save on data storage, transfers, and server space.

Protect Your Business’s Information – Because our data backup and recovery system backups incremental changes, you can recover files from any point in time, even older versions of the same file.

Keep Your Business Consistent – Don’t let problematic hard drives and other systems keep you from doing business. We backup the most important applications and files to make sure you can always get access to the restored systems that matter most to the daily functions of your business.

Improve Productivity While Slashing Downtime – Data management issues can result in costly impacts on the productivity of your employees. Don’t waste any more time with our quick data backup and recovery procedures that keep your business running smoothly.

In-depth Reports And Information – You’ll never have to spend another minute worrying about the security of your data thanks to our monthly reports. Your data is safe with Tech Rockstars, Inc.!

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Our Clients Trust Our
Managed Data Backup Solution

Connect with us today. Don’t let your business fall victim to the problems of data loss. Trust the data backup and recovery experts at Tech Rockstars, Inc. to keep your valuable business information safe and secure.

Lower Costs:

  • No need for massive amounts of costly storage space
  • Less bandwidth strain on your systems
  • We can recover your data onto a dissimilar device

Improved Awareness:

  • All of your data is managed and monitored by our managed IT service team
  • We send you monthly data backup and recovery so you always know about the status of your data

Enhanced Productivity:

  • Our data backup services are faster and more complete, meaning we can secure more of your data in less time
  • No need to wait for an IT solution with our rapid data recovery speeds

Feel More Confident:

  • Avoid downtime resulting from data loss thanks to our regular data backup schedule
  • Our data backup and recovery services are scheduled and monitored by our team of specialists

The IT and Data Issues Your Small Business Could Face Today:

  • Improper data recovery practices
  • Lost data
  • Expensive data management services
  • Problematic data systems
  • Confusing compliance codes and requirements
  • Decreased productivity and increased downtime

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