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What is Data Privacy and Why Is It Important?

phone with padlock for data privacy concept

As we progress further into our digital age, businesses and organizations across the globe are scrambling for ways to build up their cybersecurity defenses. With phishing and ransomware scams becoming more and more common and cyberattacks dealing more and more devastating damage, proper privacy and security have never been more important. It’s not just your […]

Which IT Compliance Standards Apply to My Business?

rubber stamp that says compliance leaning on binder of paperwork

It’s no secret that cyberattacks and data breaches are becoming more and more common. Companies are desperately looking for any way they can proactively protect themselves, their employees, and their clients. IT compliance is one of the most important components to protecting your business.  But how can you make sure you are in compliance? Which […]

How to Maximize Productivity and Save Money in Your Dental Practice

dentist using dental IT solutions for patient care

Dental practices today are under more pressure than ever before to reduce costs and maximize productivity. With the dental industry becoming increasingly competitive and tech-forward, it’s crucial for dental professionals to find ways to streamline their dental IT solutions to help cut waste and save costs.  Reduce Time Spent in the Waiting Room One of […]

5 Easy Green Technology Practices for Small Businesses

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Going green is not only good for the environment, but it can also be good for your business. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 easy green technology practices that small businesses can use to reduce their environmental impact and save money. Implementing green technology practices is a great way to show your customers […]

What Is Green Computing?

conceptualization of green computing with sprout on keyboard

Green computing or green information technology is a business practice in which companies use computers and other electronic resources in an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly manner. The green use of computers and other electronic resources includes the manufacturing and use and disposal of devices to reduce the environmental impact. Energy and Financial Benefits of Green […]

IT Management: 6 Must-Have Solutions to Improve Employee Efficiency

IT management speaking to a group of employees

Improving your employees’ efficiency in the workplace should be one of your top priorities as a business owner or a manager. Employee efficiency relates to the speed and accuracy that an employee displays towards a task. When appropriately managed, employees are more productive and help you meet your business goals.  Working together with your employees […]

How Managed IT Services Can Be a Key Element in Helping Your Business Scale

Abstract depiction of two businessmen holding an increase graph

When you need your business to scale up or down, it’s critical that your IT follows suit. Depending on your arrangement, IT can either help or hinder your goal to quickly scale as needed.  IT scalability is key to business scalability, whether you require tech that can keep up with your clients’ growing demands or […]

How Does Dental IT Support Work?

computer equipment for dental IT support

If you run a dental practice, you have to think about the many aspects of conducting a customer-facing business. Patient care is your top priority and where you spend most of your time, but dental IT support and administrative functions are equally important to overall efficiency. Your practice can only run smoothly if you have […]

How Much Should Managed IT Services Cost?

piggy bank at an IT managed services meeting

Most successful companies today rely on an experienced IT support team to keep business operations running smoothly. Whether you’re a small startup or a long-established industry leader, partnering with a reputable managed service provider is the best way to keep your critical network infrastructure protected and up-to-date.  Although it’s challenging to calculate the exact cost […]