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AI in Accounting: Where It’s At & Where It’s Going

The allure of artificial intelligence (AI) has swept across industries, transforming the way businesses operate and revolutionizing various facets of work. In the realm of accounting, AI’s potential is nothing short of revolutionary. As industries strive for increased efficiency, accuracy, and insights, the integration of AI into accounting processes has become more than just a […]

What We Can Learn About Preventative Cybersecurity from Mass Hacking Incidents

The threat of cyberattacks looms large over every industry and recent mass hacking incidents have only amplified the pressing need for robust preventative cybersecurity measures. The breaches of prominent entities like the BBC, T-Mobile, and Google Fi have not only exposed vulnerabilities in their security infrastructures but have also provided invaluable lessons for businesses and […]

Is 5G More Secure than Wifi?

A phone screen with a wifi speed test

Connectivity is the lifeblood of modern society which means the arrival of 5G has sparked a cascade of discussions, myths, and questions. As this fifth-generation wireless technology sweeps across the globe, it beckons us to explore the intricate interplay between speed, convenience, and security.  To understand the realm of 5G and Wi-Fi, we must first […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Five Elements of NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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The digital realm is both a realm of endless opportunities and lurking threats. As organizations of all sizes continue to integrate technology into their core operations, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework steps forward as a guiding light, offering a structured approach to […]

Unveiling the Shield: What’s Included in a Vulnerability and Risk Assessment?

A laptop sits half closed with the the light of the screen illuminating the keyboard

We live in an interconnected world, where technology can be both a boon and a bane. With our reliance on tech and its many helpful features, cybersecurity has become more than a mere suggestion, it’s become a necessity. Each advancement in the digital landscape expands the realm of potential threats and vulnerabilities as well. This […]

Strengthening Your Data Security Posture: Best Practices for Enhanced Protection

data security

With increasing threats and tools at the fingertips of cybercriminals, data security is a top priority for organizations across industries. Safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft is crucial to protect both personal and business interests. In this article, we will explore the importance of data security, the benefits of managed services, and […]

Exploring Web Browsers: Comparing Security Features and Options

cybersecurity consultant

The internet is an essential part of our lives. However, it also poses risks to our sensitive data and online security. Web browsers are key tools for accessing the internet. As your friendly neighborhood cybersecurity consultant, we’ll compare the security features of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.  This will help you choose the […]

Choosing the Right Spam Filtering Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

spam filtering solutions

Email communication plays a vital role in both personal and professional settings. However, the prevalence of spam emails, viruses, malware, and phishing attempts poses significant risks to individuals and organizations. To combat these threats effectively, it is essential to implement robust spam filtering solutions.  In this article, we will explore what spam filtering is, why […]

Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance: 5 Essential Tools for Your Accounting Firm

IT for accounting

Leveraging technology is crucial for accounting firms to stay competitive, efficient, and compliant. Traditional manual processes are being replaced by advanced tools and software that streamline operations. That’s why you need modern tools like IT for accounting.  Learn about five indispensable tools that can revolutionize your accounting firm’s operations and elevate its performance. 1. Managed […]

Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Facing Los Angeles Businesses

network security threats and vulnerabilities

In today’s digital landscape, Los Angeles businesses face a myriad of network security threats and vulnerabilities that can put their sensitive data and operations at risk. From sophisticated malware to cunning social engineering tactics, the threats are ever-evolving.  In this article, we’ll explore some common network security threats and vulnerabilities that Los Angeles businesses need […]