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How Physical Security is a Crucial Aspect of Comprehensive Cybersecurity

physical security best practices

Because cyberattacks are publicized daily, cybersecurity attracts an enormous amount of attention. More and more devices are connected to and rely on the internet, and in so doing, become a prime target for criminals. We are seeing a massive increase in the surface area of attacks. That’s why your business needs to learn physical security […]

10 Password Best Practices Your Employees Should Know

password best practices

With cybercrime on the rise and 2 billion passwords being leaked in 2021 alone, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity has become a hot-button issue. As internet users and businesses alike scramble to find ways to build defenses, password best practices remain one of the most important and simplest ways you can protect yourself, your data, […]

Why Cyber Resilience Should Be Your Security Focus 

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“I want to wait for a data breach to happen and deal with the repercussions after,” said no business ever. Taking the reactive approach to cybersecurity is not something people dream of, nor is it realistic for a sustainable, secure cyber environment. Cyber resilience is the key to staying ahead in cybersecurity, and it should […]

How to Build a Healthy Cybersecurity Culture in Your Workplace

An employee using a computer to strengthen cybersecurity at work

No matter how air-tight your virus protection software is, or how strong your firewall is, your workplace will never be completely secure until you build a cybersecurity culture among your employees.  Thieves, hackers, and criminals are constantly looking for a way to weasel their way into stealing your private data and information, and many times, […]

How to Create a Robust Cybersecurity Infrastructure in Your Medical Practice

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While a comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure is important in every industry, one could make the argument that it’s most important in the medical field. As a healthcare provider, it is a critical part of holistic patient care to be fully aware of the various cyber threats out there so you can protect yourself, your clinic, and […]

10 Low-Cost Cybersecurity Goals for 2023

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In an economy that has become increasingly unstable in the past few years, budgeting for cybersecurity seems like a luxury for many businesses. In fact, over 30% of executives admit that they don’t think cybersecurity is in their budget for the upcoming year. However, we are still seeing a drastic increase in cyber vulnerabilities among […]

5 Cybersecurity Challenges in the Accounting Industry and How to Overcome Them

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Cybersecurity has become a necessary cost for all businesses, especially those in the financial industry. As the rate of cyberattacks skyrockets, accounting firms must root out vulnerabilities in their systems to protect valuable financial information, client data, and the longevity of their business.  Because accounting firms house sensitive financial data, they’re at high risk for […]

7 Topics You Should Cover in Cybersecurity Awareness Training

female employees working on cybersecurity awareness training

When training employees, a critical part of any onboarding process or annual training is comprehensive cybersecurity awareness education. Whether your business is hiring at a rapid pace or simply looking to improve the current state of your in-house cybersecurity, awareness training is a critical first step. What Threats Do Employees Pose to Your Business? You […]

What is Medical Device Cybersecurity and Why Is It Important?

doctor teaching young patient to use insulin pump medical device

One of the benefits of evolving technology is that many of our life-saving medical devices are becoming more advanced. From pacemakers to insulin pumps, we are able to more safely rely on these devices. One downside to this rapid technological advancement, however, is the ever-increasing relevance of cyber attacks.  Believe it or not, your medical […]

Cybersecurity News Roundup: Latest Stories and Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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As fall begins and the holidays draw closer, it’s the perfect time to take a look at your cybersecurity infrastructure and ensure you’re doing everything possible to protect your business. While cyberattacks have been increasing overall, hackers become even more active over the holidays, and you want to make sure your business is protected. We’ll […]