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UnitedHealth Pays $22M to Ransomware Group – Change Healthcare Cyberattack: Unveiling the Impact and Response

In a significant cybersecurity incident that has raised eyebrows across the healthcare and cybersecurity industries, UnitedHealth Group found itself at the mercy of a sophisticated ransomware attack. As the founder of Tech Rockstars, I’ve closely followed the developments of this case, and it’s clear that the implications are vast. The ransomware group AlphV targeted UnitedHealthcare […]

Medical IT Services: Revolutionizing Healthcare Management

Medical IT services have become the backbone of the healthcare industry, enabling healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care more efficiently. By integrating advanced technology into everyday business processes, these services offer medical practices a way to streamline operations, from patient scheduling to billing. The use of such technologies not only improves the functionality of a […]

IT Support for Dental Offices: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Security

In today’s rapidly advancing digital dental landscape, integrating specialized IT support is crucial for the seamless operation and security of dental offices. Practices rely heavily on practice management software, digital imaging, and sophisticated dental equipment. A robust support plan that includes proactive support, along with monitoring and proactive measures, ensures dental practices operate efficiently and […]

How to Deter Holiday Hackers From Ruining Your Cheer This Season

As the holiday season rolls around, we find ourselves wrapped up in the joy of festive decorations, the warmth of family gatherings, and the thrill of hunting for the perfect gift. But amidst the merriment, it’s easy to overlook a less joyful aspect of the season—lurking in the digital shadows, holiday hackers are waiting to […]

15 Low-Cost Cybersecurity Goals for 2024

In an economy that has become increasingly unstable in the past few years, budgeting for cybersecurity seems like a luxury for many businesses. In fact, over 30% of executives admit that they’re unable to work cybersecurity into their budget for the upcoming year. However, we are still seeing a drastic increase in cyber vulnerabilities among […]

Computer Security: Is Apple or Windows More Secure?

We rely heavily on technology for almost every aspect of our daily lives, leaving us with great convenience but also great danger—computer security is an important tool that can combat the cyber danger. November 30th is Computer Security Day, a time to raise awareness and take steps to protect our devices from malicious attacks. But […]

4 Pillars to Amplify Your Cybersecurity Awareness

Because the digital world is marked by constant connectivity and evolving threats, the significance of cybersecurity awareness has evolved into more than a simple suggestion. As we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s imperative to recognize the ever-present risks and empower ourselves with the knowledge and tools to combat them effectively.  This year, the Cybersecurity and […]

AI in Accounting: Where It’s At & Where It’s Going

The allure of artificial intelligence (AI) has swept across industries, transforming the way businesses operate and revolutionizing various facets of work. In the realm of accounting, AI’s potential is nothing short of revolutionary. As industries strive for increased efficiency, accuracy, and insights, the integration of AI into accounting processes has become more than just a […]

What We Can Learn About Preventative Cybersecurity from Mass Hacking Incidents

The threat of cyberattacks looms large over every industry and recent mass hacking incidents have only amplified the pressing need for robust preventative cybersecurity measures. The breaches of prominent entities like the BBC, T-Mobile, and Google Fi have not only exposed vulnerabilities in their security infrastructures but have also provided invaluable lessons for businesses and […]

Is 5G More Secure than Wifi?

A phone screen with a wifi speed test

Connectivity is the lifeblood of modern society which means the arrival of 5G has sparked a cascade of discussions, myths, and questions. As this fifth-generation wireless technology sweeps across the globe, it beckons us to explore the intricate interplay between speed, convenience, and security.  To understand the realm of 5G and Wi-Fi, we must first […]