Accounting Technology Trends Changing the Industry 

accounting technology

As accounting technology trends evolve, so must accounting firms. It’s easy to find yourself waving off these trends, deciding you can stick with your current accounting systems and software. But accounting firms that don’t pay attention to innovative technologies are missing out on the potential for higher efficiency and more competitive options.

The last thing you want is to be left in the dust when accounting technology changes occur. Cloud computing, data security, and compliance are all accounting technology trends to consider if you want to remain successful in today’s modern accounting sector. 

By taking advantage of these trends early on, accounting firms can stay ahead of the competition and keep clients happy.

Cloud Computing

When the world went remote, businesses adapted and turned to cloud solutions. The cloud allows accounting firms to store and access accounting data remotely, which makes it easier to manage accounting workflow and collaborate with team members all over the world. And we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed these benefits—cloud adoption increased by 90% among surveyed businesses.

But on a security level, managed cloud solutions can lead to better data security as there’s no need to worry about physical storage devices or manual backups, making it easier to keep accounting data safe from cybercriminals.

Data Security

Leaving your clients’ data unprotected is like going to their houses and leaving their doors open—they won’t trust you after that. If there was a way to keep accounting data secure while also allowing access to accounting information, wouldn’t you take it? 

Data security provides cybersecurity precautions and tools such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and identity management that help accounting firms protect their clients’ sensitive data from cyber thieves. And in turn, it’ll help protect your reputation.


With accounting technology trends such as cloud computing transforming the industry, compliance regulations are regularly updated to keep up. Accounting firms have access to valuable information (sometimes spanning across several industries) and have to remain vigilant when it comes to industry-specific and government-enforced standards. 

A hyper focus on compliance is a byproduct of working in an tech-forward field. But what makes it seamless is partnering with a managed service provider—this ensures you never have to worry about being compliant again.

Accounting Software

With 82% of small businesses using some form of it, accounting software is an accounting technology trend that firms should pay attention to ensure their accounting processes are efficient and accurate. With this tool, your firm can reduce manual errors and streamline accounting tasks so you can focus on what matters—providing valuable insights to your clients.

AI Solutions

Incorporating AI solutions into your accounting processes gives yourself the ability to automate manual tasks, gather data on processes, and reduce human error. AI can help accounting firms uncover insights from accounting data that can be used to inform business decisions and strategic plans such as budgeting, forecasting, investments, and more.

Harness Accounting Technologies With Tech Rockstars

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