How Technology Is an Integral Part of Patient Care

Doctor providing better patient care through conducting an appointment remotely

While every business was affected in some way by the rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus, few organizations have been stretched to their limit quite like those in the healthcare industry. From massive surges in patients to limited medical supplies, our healthcare providers have been put to the test in unprecedented ways. 

To help cope with these incredible pressures, healthcare organizations are turning to technology more and more.

Exceptional Patient Care: What Does It Look Like?

As we advance further and further into a technologically-driven healthcare system, providers in the medical industry are looking for ways to seamlessly integrate technology with patient care, using it to elevate and support the human element of care rather than eliminate it. 

Patient care is and always will be the single most important part of what healthcare providers do. It’s not just about providing quality solutions, but doing so with a personal touch that puts the patient first.

This means finding ways to:

  • Improve educational resources for patients
  • Foster trust
  • Advocate for patients
  • Provide clear paths to treatment
  • Protect patient privacy

What Is the Role of Technology in Patient Care?

Technology is an integral part of patient care. For many medical clinics and offices, the above goals are difficult to achieve, whether it be due to a lack of resources or increased demand. Technology, however, is a way to bridge that gap. Let’s take a look at how it does this:

  • Patient Intake: For years, one of the worst parts about visiting the doctor was the confusion behind patient intake forms. Now, many providers are incorporating digital forms that allow patients to fill out the necessary information before even setting foot in the office.
  • Telehealth: Telehealth allows doctors to provide consultations without ever seeing a patient face-to-face. This helps with both physical distancing and streamlining the doctor’s schedule.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs): EHRs help keep track of patient history, as well as medical notes and updates from other healthcare professionals involved in their care.
  • Administration of Care: Since technology can store data, it provides an easy way for healthcare providers to administer drug prescriptions, treatments plans, and schedule follow up appointments quickly and efficiently each time a patient visits or contacts them.
  • Medical Devices: From pacemakers to insulin monitors, medical devices are now being outfitted with advanced technology that allows healthcare providers to keep track of their patients’ health from a distance.

How Can Providers Elevate Their Technology, and Therefore, Their Patient Care?

With patient care and technology now working hand-in-hand, there are several ways that providers and medical clinics can properly utilize the tools at their disposal to create a healthy, productive environment.

Partner with an MSP

Managed service providers (MSPs) provide a suite of proactive IT services that help medical clinics manage their technology and keep everything running smoothly. This includes services like cybersecurity, disaster recovery planning, secure email communication, and more.

Focus on Cybersecurity & Privacy

Cybersecurity is at the top of every healthcare provider’s priority list right now, especially with the constant threat of ransomware attacks. MSPs can offer several layers of protection to safeguard against these threats using up-to-date security protocols and HIPAA best practices.

Streamlined Management Software & Productivity

Medical organizations are also looking for ways to optimize their workflows, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. MSPs can consult on and provide the necessary practice management software to help make processes better. 

Tech Rockstars: Your Medical IT Specialists

At Tech Rockstars, we understand how important it is for healthcare providers to prioritize patient care above all else. We specialize in healthcare IT solutions to help organizations customize technology that fit their specific needs. 

From setting up secure networks and managing data for EHRs, to helping develop disaster recovery plans and streamlining management software, Tech Rockstars has you covered! 

Schedule a consultation today to elevate your technology so you can be sure your patient care remains top priority.