How to Build a Healthy Cybersecurity Culture in Your Workplace

An employee using a computer to strengthen cybersecurity at work

No matter how air-tight your virus protection software is, or how strong your firewall is, your workplace will never be completely secure until you build a cybersecurity culture among your employees. 

Thieves, hackers, and criminals are constantly looking for a way to weasel their way into stealing your private data and information, and many times, they do this through exploiting employee negligence. 

With 88 percent of all data breaches being due to employees, it’s clear that the human factor is one of the most important aspects of your cybersecurity plan.

Why Is a Cybersecurity Culture Important?

Creating a healthy cybersecurity culture in your workplace may take some effort and dedication, but it’s worth it in the long run. Having a staff full of cyber-aware employees can protect your company from a variety of attacks and vulnerabilities, making it much easier to keep up with the ever-changing cyber landscape. 

Not only that, having a cybersecurity culture can also make your business more resilient in the wake of an attack or breach; instead of succumbing to panic and chaos, your team will be educated and prepared on how to respond accordingly.

How Can You Create a Culture of Cybersecurity?

Creating a culture of cybersecurity involves shifting the mindset of your employees from complacency to one where they are aware and actively involved in protecting their workplace. Here are some ways you can help shift their mindset and promote cyber safety:

Train Your Employees

At least once a year, invest in training sessions for all personnel on best practices for staying safe online. This could include topics such as safe passwords, patching systems, and spotting social engineering attacks.

Establish Policies and Procedures

Onboarding new employees should always begin with a clear overview of the policies and procedures they should follow regarding cybersecurity within the workplace. This should include such things as:

  • Password management regulation: The company should have a password policy stating acceptable practices and procedures for setting up passwords.
  • Regular Security Updates: All employees should be expected to regularly install updates and patches on their computers, as well as any other electronic devices that contain sensitive information.
  • The proper way to report suspicious activity or cyberthreats: Employees should feel comfortable and educated when it comes to reporting any suspicious activity they may witness or experience.

Reward Intelligent Cybersecurity Practices

By rewarding employees who practice intelligent cybersecurity habits, you can help encourage others to do the same. You could offer rewards to an employee who goes out of their way to protect your workplace from online threats.

The Benefits of Creating a Cybersecurity Culture

If your organization has made it a goal to shift your company culture from where it’s currently at to one more focused on cybersecurity, you could witness the following benefits:

  • Improved Security: Having a team of employees that understands and practices cybersecurity best practices makes your organization secure online.
  • Adaptability to Changes in the Cyber Landscape: As cyber threats inevitably progress, your staff will be prepared to respond quickly and protect against new threats.
  • Resilience After Breaches: If your company does experience an attack or breach, having an educated staff will help you bounce back faster than if they didn’t know how to respond properly.

Create the Safe Online Culture Your Company Needs with Tech Rockstars

Implementing a cybersecurity culture can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone! Tech Rockstars can provide custom solutions for businesses looking to build a culture of cybersecurity in their workplace. 

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