How to Implement Multifactor Authentication in Your Organization

closeup of man using MFA to securely login to his computer

Multifactor authentication (MFA) has been around for a while, yet many companies still don’t take advantage of its security benefits. About 57% of global companies use MFA, but that percentage lowers to 27% for small businesses.

Through researching basic account hygiene, Google found that on-device prompts helped prevent 100% of automated bots, 99% of bulk phishing attacks, and 90% of targeted attacks. These results were astonishing and demonstrated just how powerful MFAs are in securing accounts.

MFAs boost cybersecurity and utilizing them is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent your business from account hijacking. Here’s how implementing MFA can help your business keep its data secure.

What Is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor authentication is a security process that requires more than one type of authentication credential to log in to a system or account. MFA is considered more secure than single-factor authentication because it makes it harder for attackers to gain access to your account, even if they have one of your credentials.

Types of Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication requires at least two unique factors for a user to access their account. These factors could be any combination of the following:

  • Something You Know: A password, PIN, or security question
  • Something You Have: A security token, smart card, or text to your phone
  • Something You Are: A fingerprint, iris scan, or voice recognition

How to Implement Multifactor Authentication

There are a few different ways to implement multifactor authentication in your organization. Here are some tips for establishing MFA in your organization:

Research the Best Options for Your Company

The best MFA tools depend on your organization’s specific needs. You’ll want to consider the type of data you need to protect, the size of your organization, and the budget you have for implementing a new security solution.

Also consider how an MFA will affect employee productivity. If employees cannot login into an account because they forgot the security question, can they use their phones instead? Or will they need to dig through files to find the correct code?

Choose an MFA Service with the Help of an IT Provider

An IT provider can help you choose the best multifactor authentication solution to keep your data protected. They can also provide guidance on how to implement an MFA in your organization.

Some of the most popular MFA services include:

  • Duo Security
  • Google Authenticator
  • LastPass
  • Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Authy

These services offer different features, so be sure to choose one that will align with your organization’s unique needs.

Educate Your Employees about MFA

Your employees are the front line of defense against cyber attacks. If you are implementing multifactor authentication, disseminate a training guide on what an MFA is, why it’s important, and how to use it so you can prepare your company for better cybersecurity.

In addition to establishing MFA training, provide a way for employees to report if they are having trouble logging in or if they think something is wrong with the system. To facilitate MFA reporting, set up a method for communicating errors through company communication channels, emailing, or direct IT messaging.

Plan for Lost Devices

If an employee loses their phone, computer, or tablet, they will need a way to log into their accounts. Setting up a process for re-authenticating lost devices will help keep your data secure.

Here are three easy ways to do this:

  1. Enable backup devices when initially implementing an MFA
  2. Deregister lost/stolen device
  3. Add new device

Multifactor authentication is a vital part of keeping your data safe. By taking the time to research and implement the best solution for your organization, you can protect your data from cyber attacks.

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