5 Characteristics of Exceptional IT Companies

When your Pasadena business needs IT services, you want to hire a company that stands out from the competition. IT companies need to be reliable and experienced, of course. But what really makes an IT company exceptional? These are five characteristics IT companies need to employ to become truly outstanding.

1. Understanding Your Needs

Not all businesses have identical cybersecurity, or IT needs, and an experienced IT provider understands this. The best IT companies will listen to your specific requirements and tailor their offerings to match. 

They will be transparent about what is achievable and what is challenging, and not over-promise or under-deliver. Understanding the IT and cybersecurity needs of different industries, for example, legal IT services or medical IT services is a sign of an exceptional IT company.

2. Customer-Focused

No matter how technical or complex an IT query is, your IT provider should focus on you, the customer, with empathy and understanding. Their experience with numerous technical issues, whether it’s dealing with website downtime, or simple patch management, lets them deal with the technical side of things clinically. 

That clinical detachment shouldn’t extend to human interactions! Expect a high-performing IT company to take the time to listen to you and your pain points, and respond appropriately at all times.

3. Available When You Are

It should go without saying that you want your IT company to be able to deal with unexpected issues at any time of the day or week. 

Experienced IT service providers may make use of automation and scheduled services to maximize their apparent availability. They should also be able to explain how they deliver their services and what service-level agreement (SLA) they provide, plus any guarantees around uptime.

4. Efficient and User-Friendly

IT support and cybersecurity are complicated, but it shouldn’t be difficult for you or your business to get that support. Ideally, tech companies should provide a single touchpoint that’s convenient for the customer, whether that’s a phone call, a social media message, or a contact form on a website. 

From there, the IT services provider should pick up any complex actions, liaising directly with the business to ensure an efficient solution with the minimum stress for the service user.

5. Community Values

How does the IT company give back to the local or wider community? Do they provide services for small businesses and startups? Do they have exceptional local knowledge that they can bring to the table? 

Talk to your tech company about how they are an integral part of their local community and business network, and how they make themselves indispensable by working closely with local enterprises.

Final Word

You might recognize some of these characteristics from your own company values. That’s why it’s desirable to work with companies that provide IT services in Pasadena that reflect the same high standards you expect of your own employees and business culture. 

Make a note of these company characteristics and ensure you’re looking out for them whenever you need an IT company for your business’s cybersecurity needs.