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Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Facing Los Angeles Businesses

network security threats and vulnerabilities

In today’s digital landscape, Los Angeles businesses face a myriad of network security threats and vulnerabilities that can put their sensitive data and operations at risk. From sophisticated malware to cunning social engineering tactics, the threats are ever-evolving.  In this article, we’ll explore some common network security threats and vulnerabilities that Los Angeles businesses need […]

A Crash Course in IT Compliance Regulations for Small Business Owners

IT compliance regulations

Small business owners face a variety of obstacles that, if left unchecked, can become overwhelming. From setting up networks and working through the complexities of cloud storage to making sure daily operations are completed without any data security slip-ups, it can be easy to overlook something like IT compliance regulations.  However, compliance is an essential […]

Top Reasons Why Los Angeles Businesses Need Advanced Backup Solutions

advanced backup solutions

Try as we might to predict disasters and shutdowns, the fact of the matter is that the Los Angeles business landscape remains even more unpredictable than ever. As California becomes increasingly reliant on digital technology, businesses need to have secure and reliable advanced backup solutions in place.  In this article, we are going to take […]

5 Cloud Migration Best Practices

cloud migration best practices

Every business in every industry is searching for ways to streamline processes. Whether it be to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve flexibility, or all of the above, cloud migration can help. But when it comes to leveraging the latest technology for your business’s success, there are cloud migration best practices you should consider following. 1. […]

How Managed Service Providers Increase Digital Adoption and Support Your Employees

digital adoption

In a day of excessive technology use and evolution, skyrocketing inflation, and ever-rising cybercrime, you and your employees need all the help you can get. You might not like to admit it, but there are at least a few processes in your business that could be streamlined or improved through technology and digital adoption. Whether […]

HIPAA Compliant Email Practices Your Office Staff Must Follow

hipaa compliant email practices

Those in the medical industry are no stranger to strict rules regarding patient data protection. With the rise of cyber-attacks and malicious intent, it is even more important to ensure that medical offices adhere to HIPAA compliant email practices.  It’s an unfortunate fact that medical facilities, doctor’s offices and all different types of medical clinics […]

How Physical Security is a Crucial Aspect of Comprehensive Cybersecurity

physical security best practices

Because cyberattacks are publicized daily, cybersecurity attracts an enormous amount of attention. More and more devices are connected to and rely on the internet, and in so doing, become a prime target for criminals. We are seeing a massive increase in the surface area of attacks. That’s why your business needs to learn physical security […]

How the Shift from Reactive IT to Proactive IT Consulting Transforms Your Business

IT Consulting

The everyday method of reactive IT is failing. As everything from data breaches to phishing scams become more and more common and as companies lose billions of dollars each year on outdated IT solutions, businesses are looking for a better way. Proactive IT consulting is that solution.  In this article, we are going to break […]

10 Password Best Practices Your Employees Should Know

password best practices

With cybercrime on the rise and 2 billion passwords being leaked in 2021 alone, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity has become a hot-button issue. As internet users and businesses alike scramble to find ways to build defenses, password best practices remain one of the most important and simplest ways you can protect yourself, your data, […]

Why Cyber Resilience Should Be Your Security Focus 

employees in a meeting, staring at computer screen

“I want to wait for a data breach to happen and deal with the repercussions after,” said no business ever. Taking the reactive approach to cybersecurity is not something people dream of, nor is it realistic for a sustainable, secure cyber environment. Cyber resilience is the key to staying ahead in cybersecurity, and it should […]