Why Cyber Resilience Should Be Your Security Focus 

employees in a meeting, staring at computer screen

“I want to wait for a data breach to happen and deal with the repercussions after,” said no business ever. Taking the reactive approach to cybersecurity is not something people dream of, nor is it realistic for a sustainable, secure cyber environment. Cyber resilience is the key to staying ahead in cybersecurity, and it should be a top priority for any business that values cyber safety.

This strategy is an approach to cybersecurity that focuses on proactive measures rather than reactionary ones, equipping your company with the necessary tools to ensure cyber safety. But wait, there’s more—here are a few key reasons why cyber resilience should be your focus:

1. It’s Proactive, Not Reactive

A proactive approach includes preventative methods; reactive methods wait for disaster to happen and scramble to mitigate loss.

With proactive approaches comes the following:

  • Employee education
  • Creating cyber policies that are regularly updated
  • Working with an established managed IT service provider to create your cybersecurity strategy

Being proactive is key to becoming cyber resilient and can help you get ahead of cyber threats before they become a problem.

2. It Empowers Your Employees To Take Control 

The bare minimum cybersecurity checklist isn’t enough anymore. With 88-95% of data breaches caused by employee error, empowering employees to be cyber secure in their everyday tasks has become increasingly important. Here is where you can start:

  • Creating strong passwords
  • Not clicking suspicious links
  • Strict cyber policy outlining cybersecurity protocols
  • Regular cybersecurity training and refresher courses for employees

Cyber resilience is a mindset, not just a checklist. Empowering your employees to take the lead when it comes to cybersecurity can make all the difference.

3. When You’re Resilient, You Can Tackle Threats As They Evolve 

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and costing more each year, increasing by 10% annually. Armed with cyber resilience, companies can stay ahead of cybercriminals by being prepared for the next cyberattack and coming out on top.

Avoiding a breach could be the difference between your company staying afloat or going under.

4. Cyber Threats Aren’t Going Away 

Unfortunately, cyber threats aren’t going away anytime soon, but creating a cyber resiliency plan is a surefire to combat that. For example, 75% of accounting businesses say they would survive only three to seven days from a ransomware attack; resilience is the key to staying ahead and ensuring your company has a future.

5. Cyber Resilience Is Attainable For Every Company

Cyber resilience is more than just a cybersecurity strategy; it’s about creating an environment of cybersecurity awareness and empowering your employees to stay cyber secure. But it’s not a pipe dream—being cyber resilient is achievable for every company, no matter the size of your company or budget.

Stay Cyber Resilient With Tech Rockstars

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