Why Over Half of Businesses Experienced a Cyber Attack Over the Past Year

Woman stressed about a cyber attack

The rise in these attacks is not surprising when we consider how quickly technology is changing and evolving. If a business does not update and upgrade its security measures often, it easily becomes vulnerable to a cyber attack. 

Cyber criminals develop and adapt as quickly as technology does, which means they’re hard to defend against. To maintain adequate security, a business needs to be constantly monitoring for potential attacks. They also need to be ready to implement the measures to identify and exterminate threats.

Staff and Resources

Small businesses are now finding themselves the target of cyber attacks. While hackers previously targeted larger businesses and corporations, many are now seeing value in focusing on smaller businesses. Smaller businesses are less likely to have the staff or IT infrastructure in place to prevent cyber attacks, particularly those outside of normal working hours.

To properly protect a business, 24-hour monitoring is essential. Many small businesses do not have the resources in place to monitor this intensely, which is often where the problems start. Attackers strike against smaller businesses when they know they are at their most vulnerable.

The New Cyber Target

Cyber criminals still heavily target larger businesses and corporations. However, larger companies notice the threat of cyber crime and make the needed changes to prevent the attack. This is where small and medium businesses are falling behind, as cybercriminals notice the lack of preparedness in smaller businesses.

Cyber attacks have devastating effects on smaller businesses, as many do not have the capital in place to recover from them. As cyber criminals become more advanced, so do the threats. Businesses of all sizes that are victims of a cyber attack can expect much larger financial losses than we’ve seen in the past. This is likely why many businesses are now protecting themselves against financial losses resulting from a cyber attack with cyber insurance.


Although cyber insurance is an excellent form of protection against the financial losses that can occur because of a cyber attack, prevention is preferable. The best way to prevent a cyber attack is to employ 24/7 monitoring and layered security, which is possible and very cost-effective through a third party Managed Service Provider (MSP).

An MSP will monitor your data, put sophisticated security measures in place and intercept any threats as they happen. There are also many other great services that an MSP can provide that may apply to your business.

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