How Much Should Managed IT Services Cost?

piggy bank at an IT managed services meeting

Most successful companies today rely on an experienced IT support team to keep business operations running smoothly. Whether you’re a small startup or a long-established industry leader, partnering with a reputable managed service provider is the best way to keep your critical network infrastructure protected and up-to-date. 

Although it’s challenging to calculate the exact cost of managed IT services upfront, the level of support you need can help determine what you’ll spend in the long run. 

Covering the Basics

The least expensive IT coverage simply monitors your network for issues and notifies you whenever a problem is detected. Basic network monitoring may run between $50 and $150 per user per month. However, if your system experiences a disruption or stops functioning altogether, you’ll likely need more comprehensive direct or remote support, which will cost more. 

This base level of IT support is ideal for smaller businesses with only one location that does not rely heavily on multiple servers or workstations to function. As your business begins to grow, you’ll want to explore more substantial IT plans offered by your MSP to actively diagnose and fix any problems your business experiences.

Mid-Level MSP Costs

At a slighter higher cost, your MSP will take steps to prevent IT issues from occurring in the first place. Services in a mid-level MSP package should include strategic IT planning, data recovery, on-site troubleshooting, and remote support. 

Many MSPs will also offer disaster recovery in their mid-level plans. Your IT team should perform software and firmware updates to workstations or peripherals to ensure all devices on your network function properly.

All MSPs price their services differently, but many will either charge a rate based on the number of workstations or the number of users at your business. The average cost of IT services per user can reach up to $175 per person, while support for individual workstations starts in the $50 to $100 range. 

The complexity of your network, including the number of servers and connected devices, will affect the overall monthly costs. 

Top-Tier MSP Costs

The highest level of IT support covers almost all of your network infrastructure. This type of MSP plan typically includes all aspects of setting up, hosting, and maintaining your network. It also often includes a wider scope of services, including high-level cybersecurity and compliance services.

For larger businesses with several locations, this option is well worth exploring. In addition to improving network stability and security, top-tier MSP services also include extensive cybersecurity protections to minimize network intrusions or downtime. The best IT services available can cost between $250 and $300 monthly for each user on the network, but many factors can influence pricing.

Ultimately, pricing for outsourced managed IT services depends on the scope and type of services being offered. You can determine what your IT budget should look like by talking through your needs with an experienced professional.

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